Our Story

    RALIAN Research & Consultancy is a consulting company composed by an important team of national and international experts with a common vision: helping companies to grow through the economic development acceleration systems (for example, Special Economic Zones – Free Zones – Simplified Logistics Zones), combining them with creativity, innovation, human capital and relationships .

    Our ideal clients are companies and / or institutions who want to undertake a strategic path of growth and development by exploiting all the peculiarities of world scenarios through instruments of debureaucratization, tax relief, logistic efficiency, technological and institutional innovation, adaptation to market trends and use of alternative finance tools.

    We signed a strategic Memorandum of Understanging with the World Free and Special Economic Zones Federation (FEMOZA).

    We collaborate with World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF).

    We want to give wings to businesses.


    RALIAN Research & Consultancy SRL has an important know-how in the smart finance sector, in the financing of innovative start-ups and in business internationalization.
    This expertise is recognized internationally thanks to the appointment of our Chief Executive Officer as International Partner for Italy of the World Business Angels Investment Forum – WBA, promoter of an inclusive, fair, sustainable and smart economic development centered on alternative financing tools for companies, tools of acceleration economic development (such as the Special Economic Zones).

    This newly conception economic development is aligned with the new frontiers of expansion and economic and social well-being, carried out by the most important countries on the international economic scenario.

    RALIAN Research & Consultancy is therefore a privileged partner capable of interacting internationally with high-level institutional members and qualified entrepreneurs, components of a profitable and vast network that offers the opportunity to implement best practices in the sectors of economy and the Italian and international production system.

    RALIAN Research & Consultancy offers a wide range of business services resulting from an important and consolidated experience of its experts in each strategic sector.

    What we do

    To carry out our project, we have put together a series of key points from which we are convinced we cannot ignore.
    A company that does not focus on creativity and innovation cannot be ready to face the new challenges of the market, especially in those regions of the world that have long been successfully experimenting with the effectiveness and efficiency of special economic zones and other exceptional tools of acceleration of economic development.

    Another target of ours concerns the innate wealth of the Italian territory, which is the natural scenario for many audiovisual companies and in particular the cinematographic ones and, through the tax credit mechanism, we are convinced that we can further encourage the international motion picture companies and those audiovisual to invest in Italy.

    All this cannot be achieved without an important network of institutional relations, the primary source of a reversal of propulsive tendency of beneficial effects for companies and society as a whole.

    RALIAN Research & Consultancy is one of the very few Italian consulting companies that perfectly combines the strategic sectors of corporate development through the creation of cultural and creative enterprise, innovation, financing to innovative start-ups, business internationalization, tools for accelerating the economic development, research and higher education, exclusive institutional networking.


    Dr. Valentina Di Milla. Economist.

    CEO RALIAN Reserach & Consultancy

    Member of Presidency Cabinet of FEMOZA –  The World Free&Special Economic Zones Federation. Communication Department

    International Partner per l’Italia del World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF), Global Women Leaders Committee, an Affiliated Partner of G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI) .

    Dr. Roberto Valentino. Lawyer.
    Specialized in Tax and Corporate Tax Accounting Law, patronage of the Italian Court of Cassation.

    Founder of Valentino & Coppola law firm.

    Founder and Senior tax audiovisual credit Manager of RALIAN Research & Consultancy srl.

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