Tax credit and videogames: in Italy you can

Tax credit decree on video games has been issued.

The latest among the measures granted by the Ministry of Franceschini in favor of operators in the performing art and entertainment sector, the decree of May 14, 2021 recognizes to companies subject to taxation in Italy and which have a minimum share capital of ten thousand euros, if the design and develop videogames, a tax credit equal to 25% of the eligible costs incurred in the realization of each project, up to a limit of one million euros per year, provided that, using the words of the Minister, the final products are recognized “as works of particular value cultural”.

This is a particularly important benefit, both because it finally recognizes value to a sector that for some time, worldwide, has achieved volumes of business such as to compete directly with cinema and audiovisuals, and because almost all companies that dealing with developing video games is made up of start-ups created by very young people, who will therefore find even greater vigor in transforming a passion into a real high-profit job, as is already the case with their peers in other parts of the world.

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Audiovisual Selective Contributions for Screenplays. Open Sessions. Let’s Start!

The call for 2021 screenplays selective contributions has been published. Italian Ministry has allocated 32,400,000
to deal with the harmful consequences that the pandemic is affecting the cinema and audiovisual sector.
Three, as usual, the categories that will be able to participate in the call and, specifically, scriptwriting, development and pre-production and production.
Also this year there are three sessions scheduled for the presentation of – questions. Respectively:
For the 1st session, applications can be submitted from March 31st to April 19th 2021;
For the second session, applications can be submitted from June 4th to June 25th 2021;
For the third session, applications can be submitted from 8 September to 29 September 2021.
Applications, as previously, can only be presented to by means of the DGCOL platform.

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